Why does Bud lie to Mr. Lewis and tell him that he is from Grand Rapids?  

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In Chapter 10, Mr. Lewis spots Bud walking on the side of the road and pulls his car over. Bud hides behind a bush and Mr. Lewis offers Bud a sandwich, an apple, and a red pop to get him to come out of hiding. Once Bud comes out of hiding, he introduces himself to Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis is aware that Bud has ran away from home, and he asks Bud where his home is. Bud prides himself on being such a good liar and realizes that he can’t tell Mr. Lewis the truth. Bud does not want to be sent back to the Home or, even worse, back to the Amoses. He tells Mr. Lewis that he ran away from Grand Rapids because he hopes that Mr. Lewis will take him there. Fortunately, that is where Mr. Lewis lives and he offers him a ride back to Grand Rapids the next morning.

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