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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bryon respects Charlie for a multitude of reasons. Bryon knows that Charlie is a tough individual who has a reputation of being a good fighter and knows better than to get on Charlie's bad side. Bryon also views Charlie as a friend. He respects the fact that Charlie grew up in a rough neighborhood like he did and that he read just as much. Even the police respected Charlie and he had the ability to add "quicker than a machine." When Charlie allows Bryon to borrow his car, Bryon is extremely excited, but can't find the words to thank him. Later on in the novel, Bryon and Mark are in a precarious situation after hustling a some men from Texas at billiards. The Texans stick up Bryon and Mark in a nearby alley outside of Charlie's bar, and Charlie comes to their rescue. Unfortunately, Charlie gets shot and dies during the incident. Bryon is upset and depressed that his good friend Charlie lost his life saving them. Bryon not only respects Charlie for graciously allowing him to borrow his car, but also for saving his life. Bryon knows that Charlie's life was on an upswing after receiving the information that he was excused from the draft, and Bryon feels terrible that Carlie's life was cut short.