Why is Brian visiting his father in Canada, and how does Brian feel about his mother?

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Brian is visiting his father in Canada because his parents have recently gotten a divorce. Brian spends the school year in New York with his mother and his summers with his father, who works as an engineer in Canada. At the beginning of the novel, Brian has an uncomfortable car ride with his mother as he is leaving New York. Brian knows that his mother was having an affair with another man, which is the reason she asked for a divorce. However, Brian's father is unaware of his wife's affair. Brian is continually tormented by the thought of "the Secret" at the beginning of the novel. While Brian is clearly upset about his mother's infidelity and subsequent divorce, he still cares about her. Brian loves both of his parents and wishes that his life would go back to what it was like before his parents got a divorce. 

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Brian’s parents have recently divorced. Under the court order, Brian spends the school year with his mother and the summers with his Dad. His father is in Canada, and Brian is bringing him some special equipment to assist with his work in oil drilling.

Brian’s father doesn’t understand why Brian’s mother wanted a divorce, and he is opposed to it. Brian carries the uncomfortable burden of knowing that his mother is having an affair. His mother doesn’t know that he knows, and his father knows nothing about it.

Brian’s last time with his mother was a bit uncomfortable – he didn’t want to answer her questions about what was wrong, yet he wanted to make her happy by carrying the hatchet she had given him.

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Brian was on his way to Canada because his mom and his father were separated and getting a divorce.  Brian had mixed feeling about his mother.  He had seen her in a car with another man, beside his father, and he was angry at her because in his heart he felt that the divorce was her fault.  He loved both his parents, and wanted to visit his father, but what he really wanted was for them to be a family again.

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