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Bravery is important to Jem for a few different reasons. First of all, his role in the family as big brother is significant; he must look out for Scout and be a role model to her, especially as Atticus works long hours and their mother has died. Jem must put on a brave face for Scout, to model for her the behaviors he knows their father values. Jem also values bravery because he is a pragmatic sort, and bravery is essential in various situations in the book in which Jem finds himself. In order to avoid getting caught by Atticus when he leaves his pants behind at the Radley place, Jem must exhibit bravery to go back to retrieve them at night and on his own. Finally, the times in which Jem lives and grows up are challenging times, ones that reward bravery. Jem perhaps does not even realize how much he values bravery, as being brave about his life is simply the only way to be. Atticus expects no less from Jem than bravery, so Jem delivers.

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