Why is Boudicca well known and significant today?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To the extent that Boudicca is well-known and significant today, it is for two reasons.

First, of all, Boudicca is well-known as a symbol of British pride and nationalism.  Boudicca came back to prominence in Victorian times.  She was associated with Queen Victoria and was seen as a symbol of the British fighting spirit.  Boudicca can be seen as an embodiment of the idea that, as the song “Rule Britannia” says, “Britons never, never shall be slaves.”  Because of the fact that she was not willing to give in to what the Romans wanted, Boudicca became and remains a symbol of British pride and tenacity.

Today, Boudicca is well known in part because of her sex.  We live in a world in which women are encouraged to fully develop their talents, whatever those might be.  We see ourselves are more enlightened than past generations when it comes to issues of sex roles.  We celebrate strong women from the past because we see them as confirmation of our current values and attitudes. 

Thus, Boudicca remains well known and significant as a symbol of feminism and of British pride.

nhl123 | Student