In A Midsummer Night's Dream, why is Bottom's transformation ironic?

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Bottom is transformed into a person with an ass's head, but he is also transformed into the love object of Titania, Queen of the Fairies. This is ironic, the opposite of what we would expect, because Bottom is a lower-class weaver. We would expect someone of his stature to perhaps worship a queen from afar, but never, ever to be fawned over and beloved by a royal personage. Adding to the irony, while Titania is graceful and sophisticated, Bottom is a bit of a buffoon. For example, he is the ultimate ham in wanting to play all the parts in the play the mechanicals are putting on for the wedding feast.

Bottom is hardly an appropriate love object for Titania, yet, ironically, she has her fairies waiting on him hand and foot, while she weaves flowers into his hair. This is all because Oberon has had Puck infect her with a love potion as he wants her to give him the young Indian boy she has guardianship over. Shakespeare has fun with illustrating that love truly is blind, for the noble queen finds it impossible to see she has fallen in love with a fool.

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Puck gives Bottom the head of an ass because he thinks Bottom has been acting like an ass. Puck has been watching Bottom and the other tradesmen practice their play they hope to perform for Theseus's and Hippolyta's wedding celebration. During the practice, Bottom shows himself to be less than intelligent, boastful, and essentially a swaggering fool. Since Puck tends to be ornery, he decides that Bottom should look like an ass since he is acting like one. Bottom is unaware of the transformation so when Snout says, "O Bottom, thou art changed. What do I see on thee?" Bottom replies, "What do you see? You see an ass-head of your own, do you?" and then when Quince also exclaims over Bottom's transformation, Bottom again ironically says, "...This is to make an ass of me, ...". He thinks the players are just trying to make him feel foolish and he continually uses the word "ass" ironically.

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