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Why is the Bible so important to Christians?

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The Bible is so important to Christians because they believe that it transmits God's ideas to human beings.  Christians believe that, after death, God judges all people who ever lived and assigns them to different sorts of afterlives based on what they did while human.  Since one's entire afterlife (all of eternity) depends on properly understanding what God wants, the Bible is very important.

Christians do not all share the same exact views of the Bible.  Some see it as the literal word of God.  They believe that every word of the Bible literally comes from God.  Others, like the Catholic Church see the Bible as divinely inspired but also the work of human hands.  One way or the other, all Christians see the Bible (at the very least) as the most important source we have for understanding how God wants us to live our lives.

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tillich91 | Student

Though each Christian faith group and denomination has its own view of the importance of the Bible, there is no debate that it is the most sacred text in the Christian religion. The significance of the Bible for Christians lies in its status as either the Word of God itself, or as communicating the Word of God to the reader or listener. According to the author of Second Timothy, a letter in the Bible's New Testament, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (NIV, 2 Timothy 3:16).

In this way, most Christian denominations accord tremendous authority to the Bible as a divinely inspired text. As the verse quoted earlier suggests, the Bible is not merely an important book for Christians, it also serves as an authoritative guide to faith, morals, discipline, and how to live one's life. While some denominations believe that every word of the Bible is "inspired" (or "breathed") by God in a literal sense and without error, others avoid this language, preferring to speak of the Bible as a faithful guide to living righteously.

Another way to address this question, however, is to look at how the Bible serves as Christians' most clear witness to the life and ministry of Jesus, whom they follow and worship. Traditionally, Christians have believed that the writers of the gospels (the first four books of the New Testament) were either written by close disciples of Jesus, or by their associates. The Bible, then, becomes very important to Christians who wish to hear about the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of their savior.

bymizuki | Student

The Bible is of paramount importance to Christians because the teachings in the book are the basis of their religion. The Bible has two main components: The Old Testament and The New Testament. The New Testament introduces Jesus Christ, who was sent to Earth as God's only son as a sacrificial lamb to die for humanity's sins. It's only by understanding the story of Jesus and what preceded and followed his time on Earth that Christians can receive eternal life in heaven.

The Bible is a road map and guide for how to live an upright life. For many people, The Bible is a literal historical document, whereas others interpret it as a collection of metaphors. It is meant to convey God's truth, and therefore represents the backbone and heart of the Christian religion.

iklan100 | Student

In addition, if I might please add, the Bible is indeed, undoubtedly the Divine Word of God for Christians-- in other words, written by humans but IS the inspired Word of God as revealed to prophets, such as Moses and David etc (amongst the early Hebrews, who were 'given' the Old Testament) and the Disciples of Jesus (in regards to the New Testament) moved to tell Jesus' story.  As the beginning of the Gospel of John reveals, it is also literally the 'divine word' or Logos, made incarnate for the salvation and guidance of humankind.

In the same way that all Christians feel so strongly about the Bible , in particular the New Testament, other religions have their own 'holy scripture' or texts-- the earliest monotheistic people, the Hebrews/Jews, believe emphatically in the Old Testament, especially the Torah and such; and the Muslims, the followers of Islam, believe passionately in the Quran (Koran). Other non-monotheistic religions also at times have certain books-- also deemed 'divine', which are sacred to these people/religions, for example the Geeta (Baghvad Geeta) and some other holy books in Hinduism; and the Guru Granth sahib, or Addi Granth, in Sikhism etc. Such books all tend to have a very very strong 'emotional appeal' or hold, upon their believers/followers.