Why is it beneficial for TDSB to continue to offer adult day school?

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The benefits are two-fold. First, TDSB adult day school programs help integrate mature immigrants into Canadian society through their ESL (English as a Second Language) programs, settlement services, and employment services. According to TDSB student demographic figures for 2011/12, less than half of TDSB students claim English as their sole first language. The majority of present-day Canadian immigrants come from South and East Asian backgrounds.

Adult programs such as LINC (Language Instruction For Newcomers to Canada) greatly aid in assisting the immigrant integration process. Adult work Co-op programs not only help raise the comfort level of immigrants in navigating an English-speaking work environment, it also assists in providing valuable Canadian work experience. Second, TDSB adult day school programs benefit mature English-speaking Canadian citizens who are in the process of gaining more education for the purposes of securing better employment opportunities.

Employment resource centers aid displaced mature workers who may be under-employed or unemployed. A full range of services which include resume reviews, interview coaching, computer training, and high school completion/college preparation programs are beneficial in ensuring better employment options for adult learners.

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