Why is Behrani from "House of Sand and Fog" a tragic hero?I am doing a comparative essay on House of Sand and Fog along with All My Sons.  I am comparing Joe Keller and Behrani.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many ways, Behrani can be seen as a tragic hero.  If we define a tragic hero as one whose greatest attribute can be seen as his greatest flaw, Behrani's tragic condition can be the loyalty to his dreams.  This is both animating spirit and destructive force, the location of his greatest triumph as well as his most colossal folly.  His dream of being able to provide for his family in the manner of a traditional Eastern husband without ever communicating the reality to his family, shouldering the burden on his own broad shoulders, represents the essence of his tragic condition.  Driven through this spirit to want to provide the best for his family, Behrani does not realize the cost of his dream, as one impinging on someone else's.  He fails to understand that such dreams might have to be tempered with expectations of what is as opposed to purely envisioning what can be.  His tragic condition results from this.