Why does Beatrice break into Roy's house in Hoot?

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In chapter 16 of Hoot, when Roy and his parents take their day trip to the Everglades, Beatrice Leep sneaks into their home and hides under Roy's bed. She gets in by pulling the sliding glass door off its track from the porch outside. Roy doesn't know she's there until he has gone to bed for the night and hears someone calling his name from under his mattress. 

At first he's upset that she would break into their home, but when she tells him why she's there, he calms down and offers her refuge for the night. She explains that "things got kinda hairy at home." Her father and step-mother had a bad fight and threw things at each other. Although Beatrice is a tough kid, not easily frightened, Roy can tell she's shaken up by witnessing domestic violence. She didn't know where else to go, so she went to Roy's house and hid.

Roy feels bad that he lost his temper at her. Since his mother and father are loving and nurturing, he finds it hard to imagine living with parents who could behave so erratically.

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