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The Basques are an ethnic group that inhabit northern Spain and southern France. Throughout different periods of history both Spain and France have worked to inhibit or extinguish the Basque culture. This did results in a political war for independence in order to preserve their way of life.   In the 1950's a group of students formed the Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna (ETA) which was a radical group that attempted to communicate the intentions and sentiments of their people by spray painting walls in order to gain support for their cause. This group also attempted to use acts of terrorism to gain attention to their cause. Eventually the Basque did obtain their goal of becoming an independent autonomous state in 1982 which reduced the strength of the ETA movement. 

The main help that this group needs is a reduction of the suppression of their cultures by the French and Spanish Governments and becoming an integrated accepted part of society instead of a separate minority. Within the Spanish culture there is a distrust because of the terrorist actions of the ETA and within the Basque culture there is a distrust of the Spanish government due to the consistent suppression of their culture.

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