Why is the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet so famous?In Romeo and Juliet: why is the love scene in Capulets' garden the most famous in all of literature?

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Oh, what an interesting and challenging question!  What is ironic about this scene is that, while it is known as a famous love scene, it is really about the infatuation of two young teenagers, run away with their emotions. 

That being said, this scene includes some of the most creative and beautiful imagery in all literature.  The most known line is as follows:

It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.

Romeo goes on from here to praise Juliet with metaphors and imagery that establish her as the center of her universe.  He shows the tender emotions of fear and uncertainty, wanting to speak to her but afraid she will not respond.

When Juliet does respond, the two lovers quickly establish an equal footing.  Romeo praises her with poetic language about his love and her deserving qualities.  Juliet both tempers his language and praises him with her insistence that he - and nothing else in the universe - is the most valuable thing by which to promise his love. 

The feelings of first love, the passion of new love, are all bound up in this scene.  They are feelings that most readers can connect with and have fond memories of.  Shakespeare catches the intensity of the emotion and the high spirits that accompany it in the language of the two.  That is what makes it so popular.

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