why is a balanced eco system so important?

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Much like a table missing a leg, an unbalanced eco system is in danger of collapse.  Each element in an ecosystem is dependent upon the other elements.  Each organism depends on the environment as well as the other organisms within that environment.  Changes to the ecosystem can throw it out of balance and cause serious damage.  For instance, the change in temperature might cause the demise of an organism.  Now, any other organisms that feed on the missing organism will begin to suffer.  The unbalanced area can widen until the entire ecosystem either changes or collapses altogether.  Consider that organisms are linked not only by the food they eat but also by the jobs they perform.  While there aren't a large variety of animals that feed on beetles, the beetles break down debris and detritus on the forest floor which then turns to fertilizer for plants.  Without the beetles, the forest floor would be overrun with debris and the plants would be both lacking in food and unable to break through the layers of muck to reach the sunlight.  Each part of an ecosystem is important.  An unbalanced ecosystem must find a way to return to a balanced state or it will fail.

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