Why do Atticus and Aunt Alexandra not intend to go to the Halloween pageant?

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Atticus and Aunt Alexandra each have their own reasons for not attending the Halloween pageant at the high school in Maycomb.  Scout had thought that both her father and her aunt would be attending.  After all, Scout had a role in the pageant.  Instead, Jem is the one who escorts her to the Halloween event at the high school.

Atticus had been serving in the state legislature in Montgomery, Alabama during the last week.  On the evening of the pageant, he has just arrived home.  He explains to Scout that he is not feeling up to attending the event.  

Aunt Alexandra explains to Scout that she is feeling too tired to attend because "she'd been decorating the stage all afternoon and was worn out" (To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 27).  She is planning to head up to bed earlier than normal that evening because she is so tired.  

Jem tells Scout that Miss Maudie will probably be there, which she is looking forward to.  This eases Scout's disappointment about Atticus and Aunt Alexandra not attending.

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