Why is the atmosphere experiencing the biggest effect of climate change, and what is the evidence for this?

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Scientists believe that climate change is occurring because of an atmospheric condition called the "greenhouse effect." The greenhouse effect means that gases in the atmosphere are trapping heat that is radiating from earth, and overheating the planet. Scientists agree that this is caused by human behavior (NASA, 2019). NASA compiles evidence of the greenhouse effect, and this includes the following.

The rising temperature of the planet. Earth's surface temperature has risen over 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In the past thirty-five years, there has been an increase of carbon dioxide, a gas that is released into the atmosphere through human-related activity such as the burning of fossil fuel. Scientists believe this gas as well as an increase of other gasses caused by human activity are the reason that the planet's temperature is rising (NASA).

The National Snow and Ice Data Center released information that shows that the ice caps are melting and glaciers are retreating due to the warming of Earth's atmosphere (NSIDS).

In the last fifty years, the oceans have warmed by .4 degrees Fahrenheit (NASA).

Other studies have shown that ocean acidification, rising sea levels, and decreased snow cover is additional evidence of the overheating atmosphere, the biggest effect (and the cause) of climate change.

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