In The Kite Runner, why is Assef evil?

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There are numerous aspects of Assef's personality, behavior, and perspective that depict him as an evil character throughout the novel. While Hosseini does not directly answer why Assef is evil, one could surmise that it has something to do with his uninhibited emotions, inherent disregard for humanity, and lack of consequences growing up.

Assef is the wicked, cruel son of Baba's friend, Mahmood, who continually ridicules Hassan because he is a Hazara. Amir mentions that Assef is a sociopath with a reputation as a fierce, brutal fighter. Assef even earned the nickname "the Ear Eater" after he bit a boy's ear off during a fight. Assef demonstrates his evil personality by brutally raping Hassan after the kite tournament and molesting Sohrab. When Amir returns to Afghanistan to rescue Sohrab, he discovers...

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