In "The Revolt of Mother," why are the main characters considered round, dynamic characters?

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A round character is one who is most like real human beings because he/she is complex and has many sides to him/her. A dynamic character is one who changes from the beginning to the end of the story. He/she usually learns a lesson about life or other people that makes him/her a better person.

The main characters of this story are Adoniram, the father and husband, and Sarah, the mother and wife. Adoniram, in fulfilling his role as the "man of the house", rarely listens to his wife, Sarah. He makes important decisions without her, even though those decisions will affect her. After Sarah moves the whole house into the barn, however, Adoniram learns a valuable lesson about listening to his wife of forty years and tells her he didn't realize how much she wanted a bigger house. He grows as a character and changes. Sarah is a complex character because as a wife and mother, she plays the role expected of her. On the other hand, she refuses to let her husband renege on his promise to build her a bigger house, even though the promise was forty years ago. Sarah is also smart because she uses religion to justify moving into the barn. She won't allow Nanny to disrespect Adoniram, but in private, Sarah has no problem telling Adoniram about needing a larger house. When that doesn't work, Sarah has no problem going public by moving all of the contents of the house into the barn.

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