Why are Luke O’Neill in The Thorn Birds and Rasheed in A Thousand Splendid Suns the polar opposites of both Amir and Hassan in The Kite Runner?

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Amir is a flawed character who is afraid to defend Hassan while his friend is being raped. His guilt drives him to frame Hassan for theft so that Hassan will be banished from the household. However, despite his flaws, Amir is a deeply caring person who feels intense guilt over what he has done to his friend and wishes to atone for his failings. Hassan, likewise, is a loving and caring person, willing to sacrifice himself for others. Both characters value people and relationships and have a strong capacity for love and empathy.

Luke and Rasheed are polar opposites to Amir and Hassan because they don't know how to relate to and feel compassion for others. For these two damaged men, people, especially women, are instruments or objects to be used, not humans to be cherished. Both Luke and Rasheed feel it is their right to dominate their wives. Luke would rather send his wife out to work elsewhere while keeping her pay than have her companionship. She is little more than a cash register to this money-obsessed man. Rasheed is physically abusive. He only pretends to be religiously pious as a way to control his wives. In reality, he cares little for his faith, eating when he is supposed to be fasting and looking at pornography.

Amir and Hassan have the ability to see other people as human beings to be respected, while Luke and Rasheed see other people as tools to be used.

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