Why are boundaries or borders good for nations?

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"Fences make good neighbors," as they say. And borders and boundaries, in theory, make for good relations between nations. Clearly-established boundaries should mean that there are no territorial disputes over certain pieces of land, leaving nations free to conduct normal relations with each other based on mutual interests such as trade.

Nations, by their very nature, exclude as well as include. Each nation has to define who does and doesn't belong to it. In this regard, boundaries and borders are essential, as they allow the nation and its elected representatives to define the precise legal status of nationhood.

Those inside the political boundaries of the nation belong, whereas those outside can belong, but only after they've gone through the requisite legal processes, such as guest worker status or citizenship.

Boundaries may be exclusive, but they don't necessarily entail the implementation of a draconian immigration policy. A nation with clearly-defined borders can still operate a...

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