Why is the appearance of the letter in Mrs. Drover's house unexpected?

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Mrs. Drover and her family locked up their home in London and moved to the countryside to escape the bombings. The only person outside their family to hold a key to their London house was a man who they hired to be the caretaker while they were gone. The windows were boarded up and the doors were securely locked.

On an August day, Mrs. Drover went to London for the day and stopped by the house to pick up a few items. She was going to bring those items back to the country. She unlocked the door with her key and "stared at the hall table—on this lay a letter addressed to her." She found this strange because "the post office [had] redirected, to the address in the country, everything for her that came through the post." She wondered how the letter had wound up on the table. Surely the caretaker would have forwarded it to the country if someone had "dropped a letter in at the box" on the outside of the house.

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