The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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Why does Anne give Mr. Van Daan cigarettes?

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Anne gives Mr. Van Daan two cigarettes from loose pipe tobacco as a Hanukkah gift. This occurs in act 1, scene 5, after the Franks and Van Daans have been in hiding for some time. Their supplies are limited, so Mrs. Frank suggests no gift-giving, but Anne has already made gifts for everyone using what she could find combined with her creativity. She gives Margot a used crossword puzzle book, her father a scarf, her mother an IOU for ten hours of work, Mr. Van Daan the cigarettes, Mrs. Van Daan shampoo, Peter a razor, Mr. Dussel a pair of earplugs, and the cat Mouschi a paper ball with string.

As they are having mixed feelings of celebration and remorse for their situation, they hear a loud noise from downstairs. Peter tries to help and accidentally knocks over a chair, which makes another loud noise that whoever is downstairs is sure to hear. Everyone panics, and Mr. Frank decides to go check out the noise downstairs. He returns with the news that it was just a thief. They all fear that the thief will tell on them and they will be discovered, but there is nothing they can do and no place they can go.

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