In Animal Farm, why is Animal Farm's named changed to Manor Farm?

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Animal Farm begins, after lock down for the night, with the animals calling a meeting. Old Major delivers a rousing speech, inspiring the animals to action and to fight Mr Jones, the farm owner who mistreats his animals. They have come to understand that "All men are enemies. All animals are comrades." The principles which will later be the concept of "Animalism" are outlined and the animals conclude with the singing of "Beasts of England." Once the animals have driven Jones off the farm, the name is changed to Animal Farm and "all animals are equal" becomes the accepted norm. After discussions about the definition of animals and even eventually, the acceptance that "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others," it is clear that Napoleon's motives are self-serving.

It is symbolic that, at the end of Animal Farm, when Napoleon has taken over complete control and the pigs are firmly entrenched that the name is changed back to Manor Farm, revealing that, after all, life remains the same. Everything the animals had believed in and worked so hard for is now enjoyed by the pigs. So, changing the name to Manor Farm reinforces that belief that power corrupts.  

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