Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George
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Why does Amaroq pursue the third caribou, leaving the first two alone?

Expert Answers

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I am assuming you mean the three caribou within the herd the wolf pack finds in the fog during part 1 ("Amaroq, the wolf") of Julie of the Wolves. The wolves need to cease hunting during the fog because it is so thick, but as soon as the fog lifts, the pack is out hunting again. First, it is the third caribou that is the most accessible for the pack. Amaroq, being the lead hunter, is able to make this pertinent decision. Next, even though all three caribou are possible prey for the pack, Julie/Miyax is the real reason why Amaroq pursues the third caribou. This gives Amaroq the opportunity to provide meat for Julie and drop the meat right at her feet. (First, this allows Julie to observe the behavior of the wolves when feeding. Amaroq and Silver eat first. Then Nails eats. Then the pups eat. Jello, a skulking outsider, eats last.) Still, there is plenty of meat left over. Julie uses her ulo knife to cut strips of meat to dry and save. Then she cuts pieces of the liver, which the Eskimo consider a great delicacy. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Julie saves the hide for warmth.

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