Why acetone is soluble in water (and alcohol&ether) and how acetone is used for cleaning? (ex.nail polish remover)  Its polarity?  (gr.12 chem)

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Acetone is the active chemical ingredient used in nail polish remover; its chemical formula is (CH3)2CO.  Since it is an organic compound with less than four carbon atoms in its molecular makeup, it has a polarity that is comparable to that of water.  Acetone mixes well with water, as do most organic compounds that are less than four carbon atoms in chain length.  Water is considered a polar molecule, because the oxygen atoms presence draws the electrons from the two hydrogen atoms to that side of the molecule.  The same phenomenon occurs with acetone, as it has the presence of the oxygen atom as well, causing a slight imbalance in charges within the overall molecule.  Acetone is clear and flammable.  It is manufactured within the human body in small increments as a result of cellular respiration.  In addition to being an excellent substance at dissolving nail polish, acetone works well on dissolving other polymer-related substances, such as styrofoam.

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