Why, according to Atticus, does Bob Ewell bear a grudge in "To Kill a Mockingbird"? Which people does Ewell see as his enemies and why?Chapter 27 " To Kill a Mockingbird"

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 27, Atticus mentions that the reason Bob Ewell holds a grudge against him is because Bob thought that the entire community would believe his testimony and view him as a hero. However, Atticus exposed Bob Ewell as an ignorant liar and the entire community went back to viewing him with contempt, like they always did. Bob views everybody associated with or supportive of Atticus Finch to be his enemies, which includes Judge Taylor, Link Deas, Helen Robinson, and even Atticus's own children.

In the following chapter, Bob attempts to get revenge on Judge Taylor and Helen Robinson by causing minor disturbances. Bob initially threatens Helen Robinson by cursing at her and following Helen on her walk to work. Bob Ewell also attempts to sneak into Judge Taylor's home but abandons his mission after the judge hears something at his back door. Later on in the novel, Bob attempts to get revenge on Atticus by murdering his children. Fortunately, Boo Radley stops Bob before he fatally wounds Jem and Scout. 

parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bob Ewell resents Judge Tayor (and Atticus) for simply doing the job to investigate the case. Of course, what he's really afraid of is getting found out for having beaten up his own daughter, then blaming Tom Robinson for it.

He also bears a grudge against Link Deas, who has hired Tom Robinson's wife Helen to work for him. Link protects Helen and warns Ewell to not give her any more trouble, or he will find himself arrested on harassment charges.

cocobrown2010 | Student

Bob Ewell bears a grudge because nobody in Maycomb truly believed him and Atticus made him look like a fool on the stand, contradicting him and Mayella. 

Ewell sees the judge, the sheriff, and Atticus as his enemies.

zumba96 | Student

Bob hates Atticus and the judge because they are taking the side of justice. Atticus is a strong lawyer and is doing anything and everything in his power to save the innocent Tom Robinson that was framed because of his evil deeds. He also hates Link Deas because he protects Tom's wife, and he wants to get revenge on them. 

dphoebe | Student

Bob Ewell holds a grudge againts Atticus because he made him and Mayella looks like fools on the stand, Atticus did his job really well to find out the complete truth from Bob and Mayella by Manipulating them. He sees Atticus, Judge Taylor and the children as enemies for making him look like a bad person at court.

cfox4220 | Student

Bob bears a grudge on Atticus because he was Tom's lawyer. He also bears a grudge on Link Deas, who hired Tom Robinson's wife Helen to work for him.

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