Sing Down the Moon

by Scott O'Dell, Odell Gabriel Scott

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whta is the girls name?   what is she like

Expert Answers

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InSing Down the Moonby Scott Odell, the main female character's name is Bright Morning.  Odell characterizes Bright Morning as being intensely loyal to those she loves. 

For example, she admires Tall Boy, a handsome youth on her tribe, and even after permanently injures his arm and loses his warrior status, Bright Morning still marries him.  Her loyalty and steadfast love help Tall Boy find new self-worth in the realization that he can be more than just a hunter or warrior.

Another great example of Bright Morning's love and loyalty can be seen in her relationship with her dog.  The dog follows her through her captivity and finds her; then later as the tribe falls on difficult times, Bright Morning fiercely protects her dog against being eaten.  Both the dog and Bright Morning's devotion to each other speaks volumes about her character in terms of kindness and loyalty.

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