Why do you believe Gandhi is a hero?

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I believe that Mahatma Gandhi was a hero for two reasons -- because he helped to free India from British colonial rule and because of the way in which he went about fighting for freedom.

I believe that all nations of the world deserve to be independent and to govern themselves.  Colonialism and imperialism are not morally acceptable (at least not in modern times).  By fighting for India's freedom, Gandhi helped his people gain something that is a fundamental right of all humans.  That makes him a hero.

Gandhi is also a hero because of how he struggled for freedom.  His idea of nonviolent resistance is profoundly courageous and deeply moral.  This is so much better than the sort of violent rebolutions that are seen too often in the world.

I believe Gandhi was a hero because he fought for fundamental human rights in a way that was both brave and morally unassailable.

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