Whose right is it to decide whether a woman can have an abortion?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very controversial matter.  There are many different views.

On one extreme, there is the view that the only person who has the right to make this decision is the woman that is pregnant.  In this view, women have an absolute right to decide what to do with their bodies.  The decision on whether to have an abortion is a part of this right and no one else has the right to meddle in it.

On the other extreme, there is the idea that society has the right to help to decide if a woman is to have an abortion.  There are many who would argue that society has the right to decide that women should never have abortions.  From this point of view, women do not have the right to decide because the fetus is fundamentally human. 

There are other, intermediate, visions of who has this right.  Some people feel that the parents of minors have the right to help decide.  Other people feel that the father of the fetus has the right to have his opinion heard.

There is no objectively correct answer to this question.  Different people can hold different views on it.