Whose plan for Reconstruction was aimed to punish the South?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several plans for Reconstruction. One of those plans really wanted to punish the South. This was the plan of the Radical Republicans.

The Radical Republicans were convinced the only was to rebuild the South was to have a harsh plan of Reconstruction. They believed that the attitudes of southerners were so embedded within southern society and culture, that a harsh plan was the only was to change conditions in the South for the former slaves.

To do this, they required the southern states that still weren’t in the Union to written new constitutions that would ban slavery and would ratify the 14th amendment. The Radical Republicans wouldn’t allow former Confederate leaders to hold office. Their plan gave African American men the right to vote. They also established the Freedmen’s Bureau and gave it more power to help the former slaves. The military was put in charge of overseeing the Reconstruction plans in the South. The Radical Republicans were bound and determined to punish the South with their Reconstruction plan.