Whose party is Dally at when the boys go to find him in The Outsiders?

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After Bob Sheldon is killed in the park, Pony and Johnny decided to find Dally, who they knew would have "Money. Maybe a gun? A plan." Johnny remembered that Dally had said he would be at a party at Buck Merril's house, so the boys headed that way. The boys were not welcome at Buck's under normal circumstances, but they knew only Dally would be able to get them out of their fix. Dally and Buck were rodeo partners, and Buck had gotten Dally a job as a jockey. Buck owned quarter horses, though he made most of his money fixing races (of which Dally refused to be a part) and bootlegging. Buck

... was a tall lanky cowboy with blonde hair and buck teeth... He dug Hank Williams. How gross can you get?  (Chapter 4)

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