Whose marriage in The Thorn Birds and The Kite Runner is similar to and whose marriage is the polar opposite of Tariq and Laila in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

In The Thorn Birds, Rainer and Justine are the couple who are most similar to Tariq and Laila, while Luke and Meggie are their polar opposites. In The Kite Runner, the marriage of Amir and Soraya is the closest to that of Tariq and Laila, while Ali and Sanaubar are their polar opposites.

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Laila and Tariq's marriage in A Thousand Splendid Suns is unusual in that they have to wait so long for it. They are presented to the reader as married at the beginning of part IV, long after they first fell in love, and having passed through many trials, together and separately. The most similar marriage to theirs in The Thorn Birds, therefore, is the one which eventually occurs between Rainer Hartheim and Justine O'Neill. Both of these people are strong, independent characters, and it takes a great deal of patience, particularly on Rainer's part, for them finally to come together in a union which promises to be rock-solid. The sudden, loveless, and ill-advised marriage between Luke O'Neill and Meggie Cleary, who only accepts him because she cannot have the man she really loves, is the polar opposite.

In The Kite Runner, there are not many marriages from which to choose. The most similar one to Laila and Tariq's marriage is Amir and Soraya's. Although they have not known each other for a long time in the way Tariq and Laila did, they have both gone through a great deal separately by the time they come to marry, and these experiences have given them strength and depth. Perhaps the polar opposite would be Ali's marriage to Sanaubar. The reader knows little about their marriage, but they are clearly an ill-matched couple, and this leads to unhappiness and infidelity.

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