Whose home does Montag plant books in?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Montag is on the run from the police, he sneaks into Black's home and plants some books in his kitchen before walking to an empty payphone booth where he calls in an alarm. Montag feels sorry for Black's wife, but mentions that his actions were payback for all of the homes burnt and lives ruined by her husband. After calling in the alarm on Black's home, Montag waits in a dark alley and watches as the fire trucks drive towards the house. Montag then silently escapes to Faber's home where Faber gives him directions to flee the city. During Montag and Faber's first discussion, Faber mentioned a plan that would involve sabotaging the system by planting books in firemen's homes. This would possibly undermine the government and play a major role in the revolution. However, Faber believes the plan would be too risky. Montag planting the books in Black's home does give him some extra time to flee from the police.