Who is Sam Gribley in the book, My Side of the Mountain?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam Gribley is a young man, a teenager, who runs away from home to live in the wild. 

In the early pages of the novel, Sam relates the story of how "he ran away from his crowded New York apartment to live in the woods."

Having grown up in a family of eleven in New York City, he values his privacy and independence. 

Sam is resilient, independent, determined and intelligent. On arriving in the woods, Sam quickly realizes he also has a lot to learn about living in the wild. 

Relying on his background knowledge and his ingenuity, Sam scratches out a meager sustenance in his first weeks in the wild. The longer he lives alone in the woods, the more he learns and the more content he is with his isolation on the mountain, living in the natural world. 

Sam's social nature eventually overcomes his desire to be alone, however, and Sam proves himself to be a friendly host to several people who he meets on and near the mountain. 

laxmi564 | Student

sam gribley is the main character in the story he runs away from new york city to the forest