Who is Maurice in Lord of the Flies?  

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Maurice is one of the older boys who is in Jack's tribe.  He is a boy who, in the beginning, isn't bad.  In chapter 4, Maurice "...still felt the unease of wrongdoing," as he and Roger kick over the little boys' sandcastles.  He has not become as savage as Roger or Jack yet.  Earlier he had actually been helpful to the group in gathering wood, making suggestions about the signal fire, and amusing the little boys.  By chapter 10, he has gone completely over to Jack's savage side when he helps Jack and the others steal Piggy's glasses, thus stealing fire and power.

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Maurice is actually an important character to watch throughout the course of the novel because he really parlays the idea and centralization of the savage theme very well. You see his character develop, aggressively, the temptations, and the reality of what happens when a person is taken over and succumbed by evil. I tell my class that we all have good, as well as evil inside of us, but it's the people that let the evil get to them and take them over whom turn into savages and beasts. Maurice is a perfect character to talk about the one theme of savagery throughout the course of the novel.

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I miss Piggy :,-(

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