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  • Main character

As suggested in the title of Sharon Draper's novel, The Battle of Jericho, the protagonist, or main character, is Jericho Preschott, a sixteen-year-old son of a police officer and trumpet player. He finds himself at a crossroads: he has been asked, along with his friend Kofi and cousin Josh, to pledge for the Warriors of Distinction, a long-standing and socially prestigious club at Jericho's school. Because his nomination has gleaned him the attentions of Arielle, a beautiful girl that Jericho has been afraid to talk to until now, he seriously considers trying out to be a member.

  • Problem

The problem is peer pressure: When he is asked to join in a toy drive during the holidays, Jericho finds the club worthy and thinks,

"It would put me on the inside instead of being with everything else on the outside."

However, he is conflicted when he must ask himself what he will have to do in order to earn the "cool" black silk Warriors jacket or what things will he be forced to do in order to belong and be popular. For, some of the activities he is asked to join in unethical such as stealing, which causes him to risk his scholarship to Julliard; other activities are degrading and very dangerous. Peer pressure is very high as Jericho faces his problem, or conflict with committing some such acts.

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