How can I predict who is going to be my husband?

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Depending on your cultural background, your future husband can be determined by a number of factors. In some cultures, your husband may be chosen for you by your parents so ask them! However times have dictated that one can choose a husband based on various factors within an individual's life experiences. Some get married based on circumstances such as pregnancy, or an overwhelming urge to please family, friends or society's expectation. Other circumstances could include financial or immigration status.When a mature individual meets a likely mate, it may depend on a deep physical, intellectual, spiritual connection they have made and would like to continue the rest of their life. They may want children of their own or to adopt and marriage supports those goals financially and legally. They may fall in love and have no specific reason, just "chemistry". It is important to compare similar interests and compatibility. It takes time to find the partner who is one most likely to be ones future husband as well as a deep commitment, similar goals, compatibility, and of course LOVE.

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There is actually no way for one to predict who their husband is in their future  unless you are in an arranged marriage . Even if there is a way it is probably not a hundred percent accurate . There is not a way for one to know who their future husband is because it can be anybody . There are currently about 7 billion people in this world , and for them to find your husband would be really difficult to find . Of course though , this is just my opinion . 

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