Who's better, Lebron James or Coby Bryant?

Expert Answers
samson98 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you might mean Kobe Bryant, the accomplished shooting guard who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Like you, many of my students love to debate whether Kobe or Lebron is the better basketball player. Both have been incredibly successful and rank among the best players of this generation. Here's how they compare in several key areas:

  • Points. Kobe Bryant has the edge in career points (32,482 to James' 24913), but James' 27.3 points per game trumps Bryant's 25.4. Bryant has played seven more seasons than James; this accounts for the career total disparity. Kobe Bryant has led the league in scoring twice; Lebron James has accomplished this once.
  • Defensive Stats. The two players' per game averages in key defensive stats (steals and blocks) rate within a few decimal points of each other. James averages nearly 2 more rebounds per game than Bryant (7.1 to 5.3), but this might be partly due to his 2-inch height advantage. Bryant has been named to 12 All-NBA Defensive teams; James has been named to 6.
  • Championships. Kobe Bryant has won 5 NBA championships, while Lebron has won 2.

As you can see, both Lebron James and Kobe Bryant have impressive stats; this makes it incredibly difficult to choose who is the better player. Bryant's career stats seem to give him an edge, but James may catch up before he retires.