To whom would you recommend the book Hope was Here by Joan Bauer?

Expert Answers

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Hope Was Here is recommended for readers in the seventh grade and above. Readers who have advanced skills but are in lower grades may also enjoy the book. The protagonist in the story is Hope, a sixteen-year-old girl who lives with her aunt. Together, they work at diners. Hope had been a bus girl, but she was promoted to the position of waitress. Being that Hope faces the challenges of being sixteen, Hope Was Here could be recommended for teenagers. Teenage girls would likely enjoy the book because of the female protagonist. Teenagers who have part-time jobs in particular may relate to Hope.

When Hope moves to her new town and job in Wisconsin, she becomes involved with the local mayoral race. This book would be recommended for readers who have an interest in local politics, or politics in general.

In summary, this book is recommended for:

  • Readers in the 7th grade or above, or who read at an advanced level
  • Teenagers who have part-time jobs
  • Teenage girls
  • Readers interested in local politics

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