For whom would you have voted for, if Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, or Wilson ran for the Presidency in 2012?The Square Deal and the New Freedom

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This is an opinion-based question, so you will have to make up your own mind on this.  However, I can float some ideas about what type of folks each candidate might have appealed to in 1912.  First, it is worth mentioning that the election of 1912 is unique in American history.  It is one of (to my recollection the only time) the only times that three candidates ran for President at once; and each happened to be President of the United States at some point in time.  As to who each candidate appealed to, Woodrow Wilson (the eventual winnier) appealed greatly to the liberal side of the country and especially in the Northeast of the country.  President Taft appealed greatly to the more conservative voters in the country (although Taft himself was a Progressive, he was just the least progressive of the bunch).  Finally, Teddy Roosevelt appealed to more of the middle ground of the political spectrum, with a heavy boost in the western states.

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