For whom was the Webster-Hayne Debate beneficial?

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The topic of nullification was the focus of the Webster-Hayne debate. The southern states were very unhappy with the protective tariff of 1828. They believed it was too high. This tariff hurt the South while it benefited the North. The South believed that states should have the right to nullify laws if those laws hurt one state or region while benefitting another state or region.

Senator Webster and Senator Hayne had different views on the topic of nullification. Daniel Webster gave an eloquent speech about how the Union always comes before the states. He argued that the states couldn’t nullify federal laws. Robert Hayne believed that states could nullify federal laws if those laws did harm to a state.

This debate was of benefit to President Jackson. President Jackson made it clear that the tariff laws would be enforced. He also made it clear that he was against nullification. This debate provided excellent reinforcement of President Jackson’s position on the topic of nullification.

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