In Richard III, who is Earl Rivers married to?

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William Shakespeare's Richard III is the dramatic account of the change in English monarchy, when the Tudor family came to power. Since it is based on historical events, most of the characters are real people from history, including the Earl Rivers, Anthony Woodville, who succeeded his father Richard Woodville.

In both history and the play, Anthony Woodville supported his nephew Edward's claim on the throne, even though a prior engagement by King Edward IV rendered children from his marriage to Anthony's sister Elizabeth illegitimate. Anthony was married twice, first to Baroness Elizabeth de Scales, and after her death he took her position as Baron, remarrying to Mary Fitz-Lewis. He had no children with either wife.

Because of his political clout and support for the young Prince Edward, Anthony Woodville was captured and beheaded by Duke Richard of Gloucester as part of his plan to take the throne.


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