With whom does Elie identify most in "Night"?

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even though Elie says that his father cares for outsiders more than his family, Elie takes great pains to stay close to his father for as long as he can. As the people are being herded from the train at Auschwitz, Elie's main thought is to stay with his father at all costs. When his father is mistreated, he is angry at his father but his anger at his father is probably displaced anger at the prison itself. When Yom Kippur comes, Elie does not fast because his father had forbidden it. The closeness between the two is shown after Mr. Weisel is chosen for evacuation. His father gives all his worldly possessions, a knife and a spoon, to his son.When Elie contemplates the idea of suicide, the only thing that keeps him from dying is his father's presence. After his father's death, Elie finally gives in to the emotional numbness of the camps and, when liberated, all he wants to do is eat. He is too physically and emotionally exhausted to mourn.