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Whom do you think the ridiculed persons are in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility?

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There are a number of characters ridiculed in Sense and Sensibility. This means in turn that the social-cultural types upon whom Austen was patterning them were also being ridiculed through their representative characters. The primary characters being ridiculed are Marianne and Willoughby--though lovingly so. The secondary characters being ridiculed are Sir and Lady Middleton,  certainly Lucy, Robert Ferrars, Mrs. Ferrars, John and Fanny Dashwood, Mrs. Jennings, Lucy's sister Anne, and Miss Sophie Grey--although, Miss Grey has such serious flaws, it is hard to apply humorous ridicule to her.

To illustrate the subtle ridicule that Austen affords Marianne and Willoughby, when they have their first visit, Marianne and he cover every "important" topic...

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