In the whole of the novel, describe Nick's role as narrator?I found this hard especially as it is from the whole of the novel please give me a hand? if you can!!!

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nick is the moral center and narrator of Gatsby. He declares that he "is inclined to reserve all judgements", meaning he tries to see things without criticism.

Nick has an awakening once he arrives in West Egg. He sees the hollowness of people's lives. This is especially true with his cousin Daisy and her husband ,Tom. They have the social respectability and the wealth that is necessary for people in their position, yet they lead empty and deceptive lives. Nick observes Daisy's empty chattering, Tom's affair, and their empty relationship.

Nick also sees Jordan's penchant for deception, which is a shock to him, as he is an honest person. It adds to his credibility as a narrator to view the woman he is dating in his reporting of both positive and negative attributes.

Nick is closest to Gatsby. Gatsby is everything in society that is unacceptable, yet Nick thinks he has the most integrity of character of all of them. Nick relates his assumption that Gatsby is involved in bootlegging, yet still finds him a solid man. He admires his determination in getting Daisy, and finds his romanticism refreshing.Nick is shocked to realize his transformation into reality and adulthood, as is illustrated in realizing after the disastrous afternoon with Tom and Myrtle that it was his thirtieth birthday.

Nick is a refreshing and reliable narrator throughout the novel. His ability to see past social convention and superficiality is his best quality.

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