Go Ask Alice Questions and Answers
by Beatrice Mathews Sparks

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As a whole, does Sparks' Go Ask Alice create a certain feeling? As a whole, does Sparks' Go Ask Alice create a certain feeling?

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I think that one specific feeling that is created as a result of this story is the fear about the descent into the world of drugs.  There is a very moralistic and heavy anti- drug feeling created by the book.  This feeling is one where drugs are seen as totally evil and completely opposite to wanting to find a life of happiness and some level of joy.  Yet, the reality is that while "Alice's" predicament is not something that every single user of drugs endures, it is something that is real.  This feeling comes out very effectively. The realistic element is there.  This could happen and this is a very real possibility in terms of articulating how a happy and well adjusted girl declines into a world of complete victimization and enters a realm where she is unable to control her own life.  In this, the book reflects a feeling where control and power are absent and lost when the use of drugs infects one's sense of being in the world.  I think that this becomes one of the critical feelings that comes out of the work and one that the reader cannot really avoid.

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