Who is your hero? Must be real and why? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a question that we cannot answer for you.  For example, what if I said my father was my hero?  It would make no sense for my father to be your hero. What I will do in this answer is to list types of people who are sometimes seen as heroes.  I will try to tell you how you might choose a hero of your own to write about.

Many people say that their parents are their heroes (or one parent is their hero).  This is based on the idea that our hero should be someone who has been important in our life.  Our hero should be someone who has helped us in life and made us who we are.  Do you have a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, or other figure who has worked hard and who has helped you become who you are?  If so, would you call that person your hero?

Some people identify important historical figures as their heroes.   Someone might say, for example, that Ronald Reagan was their hero for moving the United States in a more conservative direction or that Franklin D. Roosevelt was their hero for leading the US through the Great Depression and creating  things like Social Security that have made the United States’ society more equal  and just.   Is there a historical figure who has done something that you think is particularly important for your country or for the world?  If so, would you consider that person to be your hero?

Some people name a hero because they aspire to be like that person or wish they could be like that person.  Such heroes are often sports stars, movie actors, or others in the public eye.  Someone might say that Taylor Swift is their hero because they wish they could sing like her or that Leonel Messi is their hero because they wish they could play soccer like he does.  Do you have someone who is great at something that you love to do?  Do you aspire to be like them? If so, would you consider that person to be your hero?

In my experience, these are the main reasons for people to say someone is their hero.  I hope these suggestions will help you think about what makes a hero and to identify your own hero.

ssandhu05 | Student

I understand that the definition of a hero has already been stated, and it's unclear to me if you are asking this question because you are not able to identify your own personal hero and you would like to see what others say in order to have an idea of who your hero might be, or if you are collecting personal answers for a specific reason.

Whatever the reason may be, I would like to answer your question with my own personal hero:

For me, my hero would have to be a YouTuber who goes by the name of Superwoman (real name: Lilly Singh). Her mission/goal in life is to entertain and make others smile and laugh with the videos that she creates. I have been watching her videos for many years, and they have never failed to entertain me in the least. There have also been time when I wasn't in the happiest state, and just watching her videos would cheer me up. And that's where she has saved me as a hero.

Her spirit and attitude towards happiness, and towards life itself, have me admiring her and her work for a long time. Even though I do not personally know her, she has saved me from the sadness and stress of my everyday life just through the presence of her videos.

And that's who my hero is. Hope this helps you when you consider who your own hero is.