In The Book Theif, who is your favorite charecter, and why?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main character, Leisel, is my favorite--but the fact is--as a female protagonist, I really did like her.  I liked her innocence and as a result of inexperience--her honesty.

If I had to choose someone other than the main character, however, for sheer humor, I'd choose Rosa Hubermann.  She comes across as brusque and rough--not particularly maternal--and of course, she's foulmouthed, which I couldn't help but laugh at and love.  But deep down, despite her rough edges, it is obvious she deeply cares for Leisel--a girl who is not even her own daughter.  I think too, that in the world that Leisel is forced to grow up in, Rosa is a fabulous role model of strength and independence.  She and Hans are such an unlikely pair - but because they make it work, it makes me realize there is much more to Rosa than meets the eye.

askinquestions | Student

liesel would be my favorite character but I like the way zusak protrays death as someone humorous.

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