Who is your favorite character?Who is your favorite character, and why?

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Atticus is my favorite character. He represents the kind of individual that the American experiment depends upon if the aspirations and idealisms of America are to have a fighting chance. His profession as an attorney, representing American justice, only adds to the dynamics of what we call freedom and liberty. The fact that Atticus is a father also lends itself to the idea that those he teaches will have a better grip on the realities that ignorance can breed. Atticus is an attorney by trade, but he is a teacher by humanity. His understands the complexities of the human experience in America which are not very nice at times, yet he is able to raise and teach his children that if they look hard enough they will see goodness in their world.

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My favorite character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a tie between Atticus and Scout.

I like Atticus simply because of how honorable he is. He treats every person he meets, no matter how they treat him, with respect and dignity. He is also willing to risk himself for what he believes in--he stands up for what's right, no matter the cost or trouble. Being a decent, honorable human being has no gotten easier, and Atticus still sets and example for everyone. He is intelligent and dryly funny and Gregory Peck does an amazing job portraying him.

I like Scout for her innocence. She is smart and funny and great at being a kid. As a teacher, she reminds me that kids always have a great and new way of looking at life. She also reminds me how to keep things simple.


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Hands down, Atticus.  He's the father I wish I had and the mother I hope to be.  His intelligence, tolerance, and gentle honesty will result in his children growing up to be remarkable people.