Who wounds a boar, sticking his spear into its snout in Lord of the Flies?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The boys go in search of the beast. They find signs of a pig along the way. A wild boar comes rushing at them. Ralph wounds the boar. He throws his spear. His spear injures the boar's snout. For the moment, Ralph is thrilled with the hunt. He keeps repeating that he hit the snout of the boar.

No one seems to be paying attention to Ralph. Jack tries to take the attention away from Ralph by repeatedly mentioning that he himself has been injured by the boar. The boar's tusks injure Jack. He becomes the center of attention, indicating there is something heroic about being injured by the boar.

Ralph finally gives up trying to get someone to praise him for hitting the boar's snout with his spear. It is all fun and games to the boys. Ralph and Jack are rivals. In chapter seven, they both compete for attention. Jack seems to be winning, even though it was Ralph who hit the boar's snout with his spear:

Jack and Ralph compete briefly for attention from the hunters, and Jack wins it when he shows them a gash on his arm he claims the boar left with its tusks. Ralph tries again to get their attention by showing how he threw his spear.

kvazquez538 | Student

Im pretty sure it's Jack. If not its one of the other two children who were with him when they were slaughtering the pig

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