Who would have been most likely to make this following statement? "Its not fair that grain prices are so low when we small farmers are producing so much corn."The west transformed(1860-1896)

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the time period you have specified, the kind of person most likely to make a statement like this would have been a member of either the populist movement or the granger movement, both of which were strong in the late 1800s.

Both the populists and the grangers were focused on the needs of small farmers.  They believed that small farmers were being exploited by large companies like banks and railroad companies.  Because of this, they worked politically to try to get what they saw as pro-farmer policies passed.

Since they were concerned with the plight of small farmers, they would be likely to have said things like the quote you have provided.


mrjtob | Student

As a result of the post civil war efforts of the federal government to increase food supplies to meet the growing demand in the industrial east, the Great Plains became populated with homesteaders.  These homesteaders saw that they could produce more crops by buying new machines.  They thought this increased production would increase profits and cover any debts incurred for the purchase of those machines.  What they didn't realize was that as you overproduce your price drops, and as such did not see increased profits.  As a result many homesteads failed.  To make matters more difficult the railroads who shipped their product had the ability to charge high rates for this service.  Farmers began to fix these problems though the democratic process and formed local interest groups that collectively became known as the "Granger Movement".  This movement in turn fueled the Populist Party, which in turn energized the Progressive Era.